Sunday, January 25, 2009

ASR randoms

Transword Surf's Chris Cote looking good as always
Derek Sabori holiding down the V.Co-Logical booth at ASR
Torrey Pudwill 180ing what many couldn't even ollie
Volcom's Jake Smith managing his way into a tight spot
Free Beer!
Troy Ekert getting nasty with the Moonshine

Transworld Surf's Justin Cote sippin' on Smokey's moonshine
Comune had a party at Active
This chick partied all over the sidewalk after partying at Active
Comune's Matt Davis
Josh Johnson

Crocodiles put on a stellar show inside Active

Saturday, January 17, 2009


This photo looks like it could be straight off the Sartorialist blog. Good Style for a early 1900's Iron Fisted Ruler.

Volcom Skatenights

Skatenights for the Volcom shop Film Battles have been happening every week. Each shop gets 4 hours at the Volcom park to do whatever they want. They edit a 90second video which will be posted on and the public votes on the winner. So far I have witnessed Utility, Epidemic and Surfride's skatenights go down. I am pretty confident in saying that I think the winning team will be out of my territory.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jake Olson Elm

Jake Olson Elm is legit. Check his full part over on the Transworld Site. Click HERE.

I like it!

Weekend at Big Bear

These pictures are completely out of order. I have been using for over a year now and I still have no idea how to upload photos correctly.
Spent the weekend in Big Bear with Annika. Day 1 shredding with Cory, Dawley and Brent. Day 2 Volcom's PBRJ contest. I got a wicked sunburn and did a couple methods. It was a good weekend.
This is Richie's board. Those tally marks are how many back flips he has done this season. He told me to photoshop more in....I'll keep it at 6.
Snowboarding Bear Mtn with 5000 of my closest friends. Single anyone?
Cory and Dawley
Sweet Steez
Dawley, Cory and Brent. Snowboarding was way more fun than their faces say.
Richie with a mean front board. Richie and I will be partying in Mammoth for the PBRJ finals since he qualified at Mt High on Friday night. YEAH RICHIE!
This is a classic example of what I call a job stopper. It's a tattoo of waldo holding a sign that says "hello" on her neck. This is the kind of Tattoo you get when you win the Lottery and know you never have to work another day in your life. She must be rich.
Volcom and Electric's Daniel Brown. Fresh off a summer of elbow recovery this little bugger wins the PBRJ contest.
I love Big Bear. I had $1,000 on the fact that these girls were from the 909......they were from Dana Point.
Electric's Creepy Cyle keeping me warm by lending me a 5XL sweatshirt.

Brent opened a Deli

Las Vegas/Tweak Bird

Everyone's favorite worst time of the year is right around the corner. For those of you who didn't just dry heave when I said that, I'm talking about SIA in Las Vegas. Volcom is having a "show" at the Volcom store in Las Vegas. Stop by and watch as Tweak Bird melts faces and blows out ear drums.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gil Mantera's Party Dream

Gil and Ultimate Donnie have just released an EP entitled Ballerina. It has some remixes of old classic songs and the highly aticipated, at least by me, Annika and Dawley, Ballerina! Get it Here

Chris Bradshaw

Check out these clips of Big Bear local and Electric Team rider Chris Bradshaw. This gentleman has some of the best style out there. Gangster, rocker, gypsy....WHATEVER!
120 Seconds With Chris Bradshaw
Chris Bradshaw Sunday in the Park


Right after Christmas Annika and I went to HOB and saw RATT. This is my second time seeing them and it was amazing. Classic 80's rock songs with on point guitar solos all night long. Here are a few photos from Annika's and my iPhone. Go see them id you ever have a chance!

Meat Puppet

diesel has done it again! First with their birthday party ad and now with Pete the Meat Puppet. Click HERE and watch the whole movie

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yes Man

Go see this movie. It's pretty darn good. Jim Carey is amazing and Zooey Deschanel is a mega babe!