Monday, April 19, 2010


My Gandmother passes away last weekend. Amazing lady from Idaho. My family, including Annika, piled in the car for the 14 hour car ride to Twin Falls, ID to attend her funeral. The ceremony was amazing. It felt more like a celebration of her life. She would have wanted it that way.
We did a bunch of really fun Idaho-ian stuff, but the love my camera made to iPhoto corrupted the files and I was only able to transfer a few over.

Idaho.....FUCK YEAH!

Less than 24 hours old.

Moooooooooooooooo Cow

Annika and my cousin look eerily similar.

I tried to bring home another girlfriend from Idaho, but she said she was scared of California.

I've been trying to get my cousin to give this to me for the last 10 years. I had to tell him that it was still his I was just going to hang it in my office. A near mint condition 1989 Powell-Peralta* Tony Hawk "Eagle Claw" deck. It has been sitting in my aunts basement since 1990.

*Thanks Landman

Friday, April 16, 2010

PHX AM 2010

2010 PHX AM was out of this world this year. I think 95% had to do with the crew we rolled with. Trent, Ed and Laura of Cowtown took things up a notch with adding junk to the skate park and Bad Brains to the after party. The only way they are going to out do this years is by getting a Minor Threat reunion for next year!
Dustin at the beginning of our adventure. I don't think he knew what was in store for the weekend.

Mike "I can fall asleep anywhere" Murciano living up to the nickname I just made up for him. What you don't see is the giant metal plate where the chair bolts in under his back.

Dustin flossin'.......I think that's how the kids say it these days.

We travel with only the necessities

Chris Breunsetter and Dustin on the way to the skatepark

Mike and Jake Hobbs doing a little spot check for the Nixon blog at Sidewalk Surfer.

Jake's new backpack. It doesn't hold anything and you can't put your hands down but boy is it cutting edge!

Dustin at Cowtown Tempe

Chris stole the roll away bed and set it up in the bathroom. You best believe Murciano didn't like that. Notice the hair dryer flying through the air.

I am proud to think that Volcom is the only brand where we can set up a tent, walk away, and watch kids line up for nothing

This is what 60 Bad Brains tickets looks like

Mike and I helped Dustin Make his blanket into a toga. Your welcome Dustin!

Mike really making me feel like I chose his new nickname wisely.

Bad Brains

Look at the ingenuity on Dustin's bed. A chair, ottoman and an office chair.

On the road again!

Blast from the Past

I've been going to PHX AM for 5 years now. Here is a shot from year 1. Shooting the boot never gets old.

Monday, April 12, 2010


We blew the roof off of AZ for the PHX AM. Full post coming soon.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Brent's Helping Hand

Looks like Brent has been helping Dawley work on his bike. Good thing too cause he may have forgotten where that part goes.