Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ugly Sweater Party

The nice people at the Saloon in Encinitas let us have Volcom's 1st annual Ugly Sweater Party on December 18th. An open bar and DJ Wade pretty much set the mood for the night. Here are a few photos to give you an idea of how much fun was actually had.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Yes, it does get cold in Encinitas. Now if it would only start snowing......

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lag Time

Pardon me for the lack of updates in the past few months. I am making a conscious effort in 2008 to update this thing with new photos as much as I can.
Until then here is a photo of the crew that went paint balling for Joel's Birthday.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Man Who Souled the World

I just picked up a copy of The man Who Souled The World at one of my accounts in Arizona. With the whole Dogtown and Z-Boys documentry hoopla going around in the past 2 years I was kind of skeptical on another documentry on skateboarding. With a few hours to kill in my hotel room I popped in this DVD and was glued to the screen. It documnets the rise and mutiny of World Industries and other brands legend Steve Rocco created. This movie will make you see skateboarding from the early 90's in a whole new light. Steve Rocco did whatever the fuck he wanted and managed to take down the top 3 skateboard companies in one fail swoop. I highly reccomend buying, burning or borrowing this movie. No matter how you get it you NEED to watch it. Steve Rocco is a genius!


Went to the Casbah last night and saw one of the best shows I have seen in a long time.........except for the Weakerthans a month ago. It was the boys from Delta Spirit's CD release show for their new album Ode to Sunshine.
If you haven't already done so I highly suggest you go grab yourself a copy, it's amazing.
Ex-The Colour members, We Barbarians, opened the show. Not having heard We Barbarians yet, but being a fan of The Colour, I got down there early. Enjoyed a tall can of PBR and was blown away. We Barbarians are the real deal. Check Them out for yourself

Monday, September 17, 2007

Julian is Awesome

I snapped a few photos awhile back while visiting my good friend Derek in Julian at his house in the woods. Derek, Tim, Kyle and I went on a hike it this little lake. Crazy that you can drive an hour and a half of San Diego and be in the wilderness. I should do that more often.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Broken Bones

Broken bones are no fun, especially the last few weeks of Summer. I broke my wrist 2 weeks a go and now I have this wicked accessory. I get is chopped to a forearm cast in a week and a half. Makes me realize how I took the little things for granted like eating with a knife or riding a bike. I had to put the fixie away, but I still have the cruiser.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

New York

I went on a quick work trip to New York. I was in New York for about 36 hours and it was amazing! Had work meetings, saw Tracey Morgan at 1am in Soho, saw Cold War Kids and Muse at Madison Square Garden and spent too much money shopping in Soho. I can't wait to go back.

Time travel
The first night we stumbled accross this bar that had legit beer pong tables.
This is the ceiling at the Quiksilver store in Time Square. There were so many people in there buying "Quiksilver New York" shirts.
Killing time between appointments in Time Square
Just as I was thinking to myself how I haven't seen many people skating, we stuble accross these kids skating this metal ledge in Soho
Everyone just throws their trash on the side of the street. I only saw 3 trashcans in New York
There are some cool little streets in Soho
Shaun White had this little floor panel in the Burton store in Soho......yeah, Burton has a store in Soho.
This is the view from the roof top bar on the hotel we stayed in
This is what a $13 Kettle and Tonic looks like. I saw way too many of these in 36 hours
Cold War Kids Madison Square Garden
The view from Cold War's green room
Cold War has a few fans

We went to this vintage archive that had so much cool gear it was mind blowing. They rent and sell things to movie wardrobe people and companies pay money to have their designers come here for inspiration. The stuff was so awesome, yet soooooo expensive. I found this vintage Army shirt for a mear $950.....I bought 3
They merchandise the place to differnt themes, This room was all about hunting and mountaineering
This is my new look.......40's aviation. I might unvail it in 2008.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Let's Live in Arizona

Did a quick trip to Arizona for a grass roots premeire of Volcom's new movie, Let's Live. I flew out Sunday morning and met up with our Skate Team Manager and a bunch of Austrialian skaters. We had the premeire at the Peoria skatepark and the turn out was awesome. We had about 250 kids show up to watch the video and skate.
The skate team travels in style. Sean Slater is a road warrior!
There is a method to the madness of packing an RV
This is Jake Smith. I used to flow him product, now he is the assistant skate team manager at Volcom. Good job Jake!
Lewis Marnell and Autrailian skate team manager Peanut beating the Arizona heat with a little pool party.
Steven works at Utility in Arizona. I put his ass to work! We Let's Lived the crap out of the park. Thanks Stevie!

The Train is Fun

I took the Amtrak to Orange County on Friday. I have never really ridden the train that much, but now I'm hooked. I took it from Solana Beach to Santa Ana and then rode a few miles to my homie Pat's house in Costa Mesa. It's a pretty cool ride through the ghetto of Santa Ana then along the river bed.
My trusty bike
The train station in Solana Beach
This guy talked to this Asian lady on the train for 45 minutes about how hard these flowers are to grow. then he passed out sprawled across the ground
The is the river bed you ride along for about 3 miles. There are always kids throwing rocks and playing in it.