Thursday, October 1, 2009

WITP Salt River Float

We won the award for most shit floating down the river.

Next stop FUN TOWN!

WITP's Jared King

The Electric Alien

Straight chillin'

The one and only Jake Hobbs

A 1/4 of our posse

Brenden and Angel getting creepy with the bag of wine

This dude was floating down the river solo fully clothed. He didn't have water, sunscreen or beer. We loaded him up with beer and spray on sunscreen. My guess is that he just lost his job and house and was trying to float to Mexico. That or he was just hoping to see some boobies!

Chima Ferguson said this was in his top 10 things he has done.

North Korea''s Choi aka Troy aka North Korean Water Polo

Party Master Kevin Braden

The scene below the "cliff jump"

See that little cut out in the cliff? That's the cliff jump.


Stone said...

Solo floater dude has me seriously intrigued...

Lea's Suitcase said...

that actually looks really fun. just the bus ride there looked like good time.