Saturday, November 22, 2008

Portland Day 2

Day 2 in Portland started out with a little rain and typical North West weather which was totally fine with me. After some coffee we decided to gear up and head to Timberline to do a little bit of snow shredding. Winter is not in full swing yet, but it was still fun to get back on the snow after a summer of thinking about it.

BJ getting his board ready with a new sticker job for the season. This sticker job will be updated and changed about 16 time through the season
I was thinking about going and getting my hair cut here just becuase of the name
I was totally blown away by the fact that you can't pump your own gas in Oregon. They have gas station attendents who pump your gas and wash your windows for you. California needs these guys. As a bonus we only paid $1.73 per gallon.
This is the look on my face I get when I am about to eat Tater Tots.
Looking down the run at Timberline. There were a bunch of little jibs and lips in all the gullies. I also managed to get some sweet base shots on all the rocks hidden under the snow.
K2's BJ Linnberg and his lady's Courtney Wilson
Riding up the lift
This is the lodge where they filmed The Shining. Pretty creepy even just looking at the thing from the outside
Mule and the boys at Celtek geting a little bit of sticker love in the lodge
Beautiful day at Timberline

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