Monday, November 16, 2009

Mammoth How I Love Thee.....

Ahh the joys of Mammoth opening weekend. I must say that one of the best parts of my weekend is that Jamie Lynn knows my name!
Love those mountains
Casillo is still used to being at the beach
CL Smooth looks like a Ninja
Morgan hill looks like a smurf
"Hey Jordan will you take a photo I can put up on the Spy blog?" Why yes I will!
The always wonderful Ms. Amy Sorenson
Tom Selleck or Creepy Cyle? I'm still trying to decide.
When I say everyone was there you best believe EVERYONE was there. Nate Elders.
I own a print of this now

Casillo enjoying his Rice Sandwhich....hopefully there was no mayo involved.
JLA art show artists
Board as Fucker Curtis Ciszek and I were twins
Stephen Duke kept telling me my camera was "washing him out" No Stephen you are just a pale human.
Friel and Oren were on a date I think
Jeffy's Un Inc. boards. If you have any of these boards you want to sell let me know.

T-Bird from snowboarder mag and the Icelandic Snow Owl
Morgan killing it
Stupid blurry photo
Morgan and Snow Rev's party monster Joe Carter

Alex Lopez is nice. We held down the back table at Lakanuki's all night long.

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